Optimising results

TPM is a project management advisory company which specialises in working with corporate head office functions, professional partnerships and the public sector. Our services focus on those areas subject to regulatory change, such as Finance and Tax. Services include managing implementations, for example of new structures, processes or software. Please click here for details of our work.

In addition to providing project implementation services, we work with clients to develop their project management capability, for example by establishing a Programme Management Office.

By drawing on established best practice and our extensive experience, and working alongside existing specialist advisors, we ensure projects are implemented successfully and benefits are maximised. Our focus is on making things happen. That means helping good ideas get off the ground, as well as providing a robust framework for managing costs, personnel (both internal and external), and managing the quality of outcome.

We understand the often conflicting demands faced by executive-tier management. We also understand that it is difficult to manage the peaks of resource demand that can arise when many projects happen at the same time. Using our expertise and knowledge allows business leaders to free up in-house resources whilst at the same time achieving high-quality outcomes, within deadlines and budgets.